52 kV to 550 kV Connections

Here you will find the world's largest range of plug-in and built-in cable fittings.

CONNEX – The Universal Connection System for Cables, Transformers, and GIS

The fully encapsulated CONNEX connection system with solid insulation makes power transformers and GIS more flexible than ever before: in terms of design, set-up, and application. With CONNEX, systems become compact all-rounders, ideally equipped for new requirements in the future. How do you benefit? Systems remain flexible over the long term, securing your investment throughout the entire service life.

PFISTERER joints – Always a perfect connection

Whether it's used in a switching station, HV earthing cable or offshore application, a cable connection has to be durable and safe above all else. With the joints in the PFISTERER product ranges, we offer the ideal solution for any connection ranging from 72 kV to 550 kV. For permanent or temporary installations and test centers, as a plug-in or built-in solution, with silicone or SF6 gas insulation, or as a compact cast resin socket which is two-thirds lighter.

Dry terminations for overhead cables

To ensure operational safety in power grids, you need to have reliable cable terminations. Our dry terminations have showcased their talents in a number of applications. They have been connecting high-voltage cable systems with overhead lines and busbars in continuous use all over the world for decades. Customers can choose from three product variants. They provide a custom-fit, cost-effective solution for any requirement and for all ambient conditions.

A full portfolio for all extra high-voltage cables

For the first time ever, you can lay entire sections of cable and get all the fittings you need from a single source thanks to our wide range of extra high voltage fittings. The new range for extra high-voltage (EHV) networks includes our tried-and-tested PFISTERER series, dry, plug-in cable connections for transformers and gas-insulated switchgears (GIS), cable terminations, and cable sockets (including one plug-in design). The type-tested accessories can connect all XLPE cables from 300 kV to 550 kV and are adapted individually to the cable used.


Connection and contacting technology for single-strand insulated power cables.


The universal connection system for cables, transformers, and GIS


A full portfolio for all extra high voltage cables


A good connection guaranteed for high-voltage cables


An extensive range of dry terminations for high-voltage cables