Turn-Key Cable Systems from the Specialist

Power distribution and transmission have been a core competency of PFISTERER for nearly 100 years. We provide turn-key high-voltage cable systems rated up to 245 kV as complete system configurations from a single source. To this end, our experts assume all activities surrounding the cable system between termination bolt points.

Anywhere and Everywhere, and Under Extreme Conditions

Erecting cable systems for offshore platforms in particular is a true test of a company’s proficiency in routing cable. Highly complex cable sections must be routed in extremely narrow spaces, at many different angles, and at multiple levels. Making things even more complicated is the fact that this work has to be carried out under a tight schedule while also tending to other related activities. PFISTERER successfully overcomes these challenges by engaging in painstakingly accurate planning and employing specialists who have acquired sound industry experience both out in the open water and around the world.

Everything from a Single Source

PFISTERER experts will handle all engineering activities and manage the entire project. From customer consultation, to feasibility studies, through to installation, commissioning, and final documentation, our customers receive a complete, full-service package. We tackle cable routing projects in a task-oriented manner and only collaborate with established firms. Assembly and installation are carried out worldwide by our own personnel and encompass site supervision, as well as targeted training. All acceptance tests (ACs) are performed in conjunction with renowned test institutes.

The PFISTERER Services:

  • Project planning
  • Calculating
  • Installation
  • Commissioning