PFISTERER is represented in every field where a high electrical output needs to be transmitted safely for a number of decades without any losses: Power producers, network operators, and power suppliers all rely on our services, as do railway operators and industrial experts. With our range of end-to-end products and services, we offer you custom-fit solutions for a wide range of applications from a single source. All over the world.​​

Power generation

Renewable power has brought about fundamental changes in structures related to power generation and distribution. On land, small to medium-sized generators are replacing conventional power plants, while powerful large-scale plants are cropping up out at sea. PFISTERER supplies both tried-and-tested and new components to ensure the required degree of modularity when designing plants.


Power transmission

PFISTERER is a leading provider of products and systems for safe and powerful power transmission. It also supplies components and systems for high voltage cables and high voltage overhead lines the world over.


Overhead lines

The planning and construction of complex overhead line systems requires specialist knowledge and experience, as well as the trust and cooperation of all parties involved. PFISTERER is a pioneer of innovative solutions in overhead line technology.


Power distribution

Cable-based distribution networks that have grown over generations require flexible connection elements that can blend with an array of cable types and do not allow for any errors during installation. In doing so, all connection elements have to remain resistant to loss and maintenance-free across several decades. Just like PFISTERER screw connectors.



Electric drive systems require high electric currents. The stable transmission of these currents under harshest conditions is one of the biggest challenges for developers of electric commercial vehicles. PFISTERER’s high-performance HVC8 plug connector is a proven practical solution for e‑mobility of the future.


Offshore Wind Farm

Power generation on the high seas presents huge challenges to all the parties involved. This requires reliable partners with experience. As experts for interfaces in energy networks, PFISTERER supply connection components and turnkey cable systems for all voltage levels as a complete system.