1 kV tap-off joint sets

Reliably connected, reliably insulated

Tap-off joint sets from PFISTERER combine reliable connection and excellent insulation with versatility and easy installation. Proven ISICOMPACT and SCK cable tap-off connectors ensure reliable electrical contacts that remain stable over time. Our cast resin joint boxes permanently protect cable connections and branches from moisture, alkaline earths, and the ingress of dust or other foreign bodies.

Universal application

Cable branches for home power connections, cable connections in the low voltage network and transitions between cables with different types of insulation – cast resin joint boxes from PFISTERER are universal and can be used with all types of cables. The side seals feature break-out rings to adapt to different cable diameters. Depending on requirements, there is a choice of two different cast resins. Both offer ideal bonding properties on all plastic and paper insulation materials.

Tap-off joint sets including reliable contact technology

Besides the tap-off joint boxes, PFISTERER also offers complete ready-to-fit sets including tap-off connector. ISICOMPACT from PFISTERER is a modern tap-off connector that considerably simplifies installation and better meets the demands of live line work. In addition to ISICOMPACT, PFISTERER also supplies the conventional SCK compact screw terminal. In terms of reliability and ageing stability, ISICOMPACT is in every way equal to the traditional solution. Both meet the high requirements of DIN VDE 0220 part 3.


  • Innovative contact technology
  • Transparent joint shells made of recycled plastic
  • Suitable for all types of cable
  • Fill quantity optimised to use less casting resin
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Longitudinally and laterally watertight
  • System tested in accordance with E DIN EN 60455-3-8:2018-02, DIN EN 50655-1:2018-06 and DIN EN 50393:2015-10

Two cast resins, two container types

FILLBRH is a modern polybutadiene-based casting resin. It contains no isocyanates, epoxides or silicones. Therefore it is not subject to labelling under German hazardous substance regulations, and is advantageous for occupational health. No reaction heat is generated during curing, which prevents the possibility of cracking or cavity formation. After curing, the cast compound remains elastic and is removable.

PFISTERER also offers PUR2000, a classic, hard polyurethane casting compound that is subject to labelling requirements. Both cast resins are available in tins as well as in a practical double-chamber bag.

Expertise made in Germany

Cable tap-off connector, joints and cast resins are produced and assembled at locations in Germany. Over 100 years of experience in electrical connections and insulation ensure reliable and durable branch tap-off connectors for all applications in the distribution network.