2DIREKT – Terminals for Distribution Transformers

The safe supply of energy is based on functional supply networks made up of an array of reliable individual components. This is one of the reasons why energy providers are investing increasingly in transformer terminals when it comes to connecting distributor transformers. All of our experience in contact technology gained over the past almost 100 years has gone into each 2DIREKT terminal, along with our innovations for simple and safe installation.

One terminal for all applications

The compact and sophisticated design allows for two connection options – wires can either be connected in parallel or offset by 90°. The patented connection system protects the wires from damage and guarantees constant contact pressure throughout the entire service life.

2DIREKT replaces at least two components

The transformer terminal is simply connected straight to the distribution transformer. This rules out any installation errors and prevents the risk of damage to the transformer. And that is not just because the 2DIREKT means that lugs, cable clips, bushing, and bolts are no longer required. The 2DIREKT also reduces the number of contacts, and, as a result, the potential sources for error in comparison to conventional designs.

2DIREKT: Impressive, cutting-edge station design

With the 2DIREKT, PFISTERER offers a complete system with an array of sophisticated accessories, including screw-on earthing points and protective hoods for indoor and outdoor use. The overall system is touch-proof, providing protection for people, operating equipment, and even small animals.

The 2DIREKT more than meets all requirements for station installation both now and in the future. In addition to its standard portfolio, PFISTERER also tests and develops customer-specific solutions. And: We offer universal connection solutions for low and mid-voltage applications from a single source.

The 2DIREKT in numbers:

  • Voltage: 1 kV
  • Current: 4.000 A
  • Conductor cross-section: 16 to 400 mm²
  • Conductor material: Aluminum, copper


  • The conductor can be connected vertically and/or horizontally
  • Individual wires are not cut off
  • Modest space requirements
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Installation with standard tools, no compression required
  • Touch-proof universal solution