PFISTERER joints– Always a perfect connection

Whether it's used in a switching station, HV earthing cable or offshore application, a cable connection has to be durable and safe above all else. With the joints in the PFISTERER product ranges, we offer the ideal solution for any connection ranging from 72 kV to 550 kV. For permanent or temporary installations and test centers, as a plug-in or built-in solution, with silicone or gas insulation, or as a compact cast resin joint which is two-thirds lighter.  

Joints for permanent high voltage and earthing systems

The product portfolio includes slip-on joints for the entire voltage range from 72 kV to 550 kV – including various shield options, with and without bonding or earthing cables. MSA joints are water-resistant and available with solid metal, plastic, or shrink-fit housing. Our tried-and-tested slip-on technology ensures secure installation and durable connections.

Speedy installation: Plug-in CONNEX joints up to 550 kV

Dry, plug-in CONNEX joints allow users to cut installation times significantly in temporary installations or offshore projects at wind farms and sea platforms where you are short on time. They are suitable for permanent connections, test installations on transformers and gas-insulated switchgears (GIS), and interim solutions for conductor and power plant construction alike. In addition to simple connection joints, CONNEX also offers elbow and tap-off joints (T-joints) plus gas-free cast resin joints up to 170 kV.

Cast resin or gas

Plug-in cast resin CONNEX joints up to 170 kV have been providing a simplified, gas-free solution, a compact design, and lightweight structure that weighs up to two thirds less than conventional joints for over ten years. Gas-insulated joints expand the voltage range up to 550 kV, are maintenance-free and up to 100% vacuum chamber tested, and are equipped with a built-in gas density monitor.


  • Joints for permanent and plug-in connections from 72 kV to 550 kV
  • Combines various conductor types (aluminum, copper, rigid or flexible)
  • Speedy installation thanks to dry, plug-in cable connections, e.g. for offshore applications
  • Also available as elbow joints up to 362 kV and tap-off joints (T-joints) up to 245 kV
  • Insulator: Silicone in conjunction with cast resin or SF6 gas


The cable system in the dry dock, the test transformer far away on the back of the truck. HV tests for off-shore systems can be pretty tricky. A PFISTERER-developed adapter solves this problem.


Quick and long-lasting renovations? All it takes is a few steps thanks to the IXOSIL joints by PFISTERER. No clamping rings, no pipes, no flanges. Simply remove, fit, and save time.