Compliance with laws and regulations is a top priority for the PFISTERER Group

At PFISTERER, we reject any form of corruption, money laundering, cartelization, violation of environmental regulations, violation of human rights or other criminal activities. We do not tolerate any illegal practices by employees, customers, suppliers or other business partners.

We take indications of possible misconduct in connection with PFISTERER Group companies very seriously, follow them up carefully and respond appropriately to any misconduct identified. In doing this, we strictly observe the labor law and - where applicable – the rights of the workers’ council.

If you suspect that a compliance violation has been committed in connection with a PFISTERER Group company, please contact our external ombudsman (trusted lawyer), who will investigate the matter impartially – upon request without disclosing your identity to PFISTERER:

External Ombudsman (Trusted lawyer):

Dr. Jochen Bernhard

Menold Bezler Rechtsanwälte
Rheinstahlstraße 3
70469 Stuttgart, Germany

phone +49 711 860 40 611
mobile +49 1520 936 11 65



The use of the ombudsman services is free of charge for the person reporting possible misconduct. Reports to the ombudsman can be made in English, French or German.


How do I report a Compliance Case?

Please make sure the information contained in the report you submit to the above contact persons is as specific as possible so that it can be processed and investigated in the appropriate manner. Please try to answer the following five questions in your report:

  • Who? – Who does it concern? Who is affected?
  • What? – What happened? Describe the matter.
  • When? – When was someone advantaged?
  • How? – How often did it occur?
  • Where? – Where did the incident take place

Please make sure that the descriptions contained in your report can be easily understood by persons who are not specialists in your field. It is very helpful, if you are available to answer further questions. If you are willing to do so, but do not wish your identity to be disclosed to the PFISTERER Group, please contact the ombudsman to make your report.

For data protection information please klick here.

Please read the CONSENT notice in case of a non-anonymous report.

By submitting a non-anonymous report, you confirm that you have read the Data Protection Notice as well as the Consent Notice and give your consent to the processing of the personal data mentioned therein in the manner described therein.



The whistleblowing channel of the PFISTERER Group is NOT a general complaints office. It is intended for reporting severe misconduct as described above.