Thinking Ahead: How We Create the Technology of Tomorrow

Overhead line operators are showing an increasing level of interest in compact lines. They save space, are efficient, and require less work when it comes to approval processes. PFISTERER is supporting the development of basic technology for these networks of the future. The most important question in this process is which criteria are critical for the stability and security of the overall system? Like when building a prototype 420 kV insulator crossarm for compact lines.

To be more specific, the entire project focused on a vertical peak load of 150kN and a dilemma: In the order to withstand this load, the fiber glass rod inside the pressure insulator had to be as short and thick as possible. Unfortunately, this went against the electrical requirements, which said that the pressure insulator rod had to be as long as possible for safety reasons. With the help of computer simulations, a lot of mathematics, and even more experience, the experts at PFISTERER gradually found the ideal form and then tested the solution under realistic conditions in a Swiss test lab. The result? It passed with flying colors.

At a glance

  • Development of a basic model for a heavy-duty insulating crossarm for compact lines
  • Calculation of the ideal dimensions using computer simulation
  • Lab tests using realistic conditions