It’s All Down to Experience: Insulator Crossarms for Wintrack

Putting up new overhead lines in the densely populated Dutch suburbs while adhering to high electromagnetic radiation restrictions poses a challenge that has just one solution: Compact lines. The Dutch energy provider TenneT first launched the tendering process for its “Wintrack” project back in 2006. The project was then completed in 2014. PFISTERER scored points thanks to its extensive experience in pioneering compact line technology.

At a glance

  • Insulator crossarms for compact overhead lines
  • Sophisticated simulations used to test and verify electromagnetic properties
  • In-house test construction for testing technology in realistic size

TenneT placed particular importance on the verification of the parameters set. Sophisticated simulations were therefore used to check adherence to limits for electromagnetic flux density of just 0.4 microtesla. The company also successfully proved that there would be no doubts when it came to the composite insulator’s durability, which had to be high enough to withstand the higher loads caused by the tower design. Luckily, PFISTERER already had its own test construction left over from previous projects, enabling the insulator crossarms to be tested in their original size. After all, energy is also a matter of experience.