Successful partnership between PFISTERER and Lebenshilfe in Gussenstadt

PFISTERER is one of the world’s leading technology companies for energy infrastructure solutions. At its Gussenstadt site, it has established a successful partnership with Lebenshilfe, Kreisvereinigung Göppingen e. V. – a charity for people with disabilities.

Solutions for the global energy transition

The PFISTERER factory in Gussenstadt specializes in metalworking. It plays a key role in the development and production of solutions that enable electrical connectivity in the context of the global energy transition. Through the partnership with Lebenshilfe, dedicated workers carry out essential fabrication and assembly tasks. Activities include milling small threads and fitting compression springs for screw connectors and clamps for transformers.

Since the collaborative venture began 2½ years ago, Lebenshilfe Göppingen e. V. has assembled 4 million parts for PFISTERER. This milestone underlines the effectiveness and quality of the working relationship, while also highlighting the importance of social responsibility and inclusion in the work environment.

Successful collaboration, social responsibility

“Working with Lebenshilfe in Gussenstadt represents more than just a successful business partnership for us; it is also a clear commitment to social responsibility and inclusion. We are proud of the milestones we have achieved and look forward to continuing this positive partnership,” says Hermann Schuller, site and production manager at the PFISTERER Group’s Gussenstadt plant. “Working with PFISTERER is an opportunity for us to create job prospects, and at the same time a way to make an active contribution to the energy supply of the future. We are proud of that,” adds Madeleine May, assistant workshop manager at Lebenshilfe Göppingen.

The partnership between PFISTERER and Lebenshilfe Göppingen e. V. illustrates how business success and social commitment can go hand in hand. PFISTERER will continue to foster inclusive working environments and sustainable partnerships.