PFISTERER donates protective suits to Diakoniestation Stuttgart

It is important for us to find strength in partnership and support each other at the moment, both internally at the company and in our environment. We are therefore pleased to have been able to provide Diakoniestation Stuttgart with a package of protective suits. They are required very urgently here because the material for personal protective equipment for care staff is scarce.

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The protective suits were kindly given to us by our Chinese partner, Ningbo Orient Cable (NBO), a company which is also endeavouring to support us in the coronavirus crisis. Thank you very much for your help! We then decided to pass them on to Diakoniestation Stuttgart where they will provide the most benefit.

Diakoniestation Stuttgart makes an important contribution in the field of domestic care. With its wide range of services, it cares for around 3,000 people a day who are in the high-risk group for

catching coronavirus due to pre-existing health conditions.

“In order to provide our employees with better protection against infection, the protective suits donated by PFISTERER are a huge help because there are currently still bottlenecks in the supply chain,” said the management board of the Diakoniestation about our support. “We would like to say a big thank you to the donors.”

The protective suits will now be used when providing care to COVID-19 patients.

We would also like to wish you, our partners, suppliers and your families all the best and good health.