SICON – Connectors Plus Shear Bolts with Infinite Adjustment

Screw connectors are safe, cost-efficient, and easy to install. No wonder their popularity keeps on growing. SICON screw connectors are based on all of our extensive expertise in contact technology. Innovations, like our shear bolts with infinite adjustment, combine technical and practical advantages for maximum contact quality.

Experience and innovation for the best contact

Thanks to our patented, stepless shear bolts, installation has never been easier. They make sure that ever conductor (be it copper or aluminum, solid or stranded, round or sector-shaped) is connected as effectively as possible and guarantee that the engineer feels confident that installation has been a success. One-of-a-kind: SICON connectors can be used straight away and insulated without any further adjustment.

One SICON replaces 98 compression joints

In contrast to compression technology, the range of SICON connectors is significantly smaller. Instead of needing one sleeve for every conductor, we offer eight standard variants, meaning that engineers are equipped for every eventuality on the construction site. This relieves an enormous amount of strain on storage facilities and transport processes. SICON connectors are fitted using a standard ratchet with a hexagonal bit so there is no need to pack your pressing tools.

OEMs the world over rely on SICON

PFISTERER produces SICON connectors exclusively in Germany – design and production from a single source. The extensive portfolio covers all standard applications. Furthermore, our contact technology specialists also develop custom-made solutions on request.

SICON in numbers:

  • Voltage: 245 kV and above
  • Current: 4.000 A and above
  • Conductor cross-section: 16 - 400 mm²
  • Conductor material: Aluminum, copper (all common forms)


  • 30% more contact force on aluminum conductors
  • No damage to individual wires
  • Installation with standard tools, no compression required
  • Much smaller range of variants
  • Wide clamping range from 10 to 630 mm²
  • One sleeve to every conductor is a thing of the past
  • Design and production from a single source

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