PFISTERER repositions itself and strengthens its standing as an international technology company. Karl-Heinz Pfisterer becomes Honorary Chairman of the SE's Supervisory Board.

The transformation of Pfisterer Holding AG into a European company (Societas Europaea, SE) was completed with the commercial register entry (HRB 790497) on 28 July 2023. The new legal form underlines PFISTERER’s positioning as a future-oriented international technology company for connection and contacting technology in power grids. At the same time, it represents a significant milestone for the further successful development of the company, independent of the founding family.

PFISTERER is a globally active company with numerous projects in the renewable energy sector as well as in power transmission and distribution. With locations in Europe, the USA, the Middle and Far East, as well as Asia and Argentina, the change of corporate form better reflects the company’s international orientation and employee structure.

The proven two-tier governance model with Executive Board as managing body and Supervisory Board as oversight body will be retained under the new SE structure. Karl-Heinz Pfisterer, Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board and grandson of the company’s founder, was appointed Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board. For over 50 years, he has been a shareholder, initially in the operational management and later on the supervisory board, taking responsibility for the company's affairs. The position of Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board is taken over by Erich Schefold, previously a member of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Since its transformation into a stock company in 1999, the foundation was laid for the company to evolve independently from the family. In the long term, the non-profit KAP Foundation is intended to assume the position of Mr. Karl-Heinz Pfisterer as a shareholder of the company. With the new legal structure and the appointment of executives, the groundwork has been laid for a long-term, independent, and successful future of the PFISTERER Group. The separation of family and corporate management is now completed.

The new legal form in principle has no effect on the company’s contractual partners or customers. The headquarters of PFISTERER Holding SE will remain in Winterbach.

“PFISTERER’s goal is to support the global energy transition and to improve power transmission and distribution,” says Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Blättchen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. “Over the years, we have evolved into one of today’s leading global technology providers for connecting, insulating and joining electrical conductors.”

In the course of the SE transformation, PFISTERER is also continuing to promote employee engagement. With the establishment of an SE Works Council (SE-WC), a transnational employee representative body will be created. “We see the SE-WC as an opportunity for our workforce to bond further across national borders,” explains Johannes Linden, Spokesman of the Executive Board. “We look forward to evolving our growing and diverse organisation and business culture in the international environment.”

The Executive Board anticipates strong growth in the coming years. “Our future potential is enormous,” says Executive Board member Dr. Konstantin Kurfiss. “We are in the midst of dynamic growth driven by the global shift to renewables, grid expansion and the rising demand for energy. As a pioneer and driver of innovation, we are proud to be actively shaping the energy transition and making a relevant contribution to global sustainability.”